70s Cher Outfits: 28 Iconic Looks That Defined an Era

When it comes to ’70s fashion, few can hold a candle to the incomparable Cher. With 28 iconic outfits that have stood the test of time, Cher’s style evolution throughout the decade was nothing short of revolutionary. From sequined bodysuits to flowing goddess gowns, her wardrobe choices became the highlights of ’70s fashion, inspiring designers and fashion enthusiasts for generations to come.

Cher’s ability to reinvent herself through clothing was unparalleled. She effortlessly transitioned from hippie chic to disco diva, always staying ahead of the curve and often setting the trends herself. Her fearless approach to fashion made her a style icon, with each appearance sparking conversation and admiration.

Bob Mackie Collaboration

At the heart of many of Cher’s most memorable looks was her collaboration with designer Bob Mackie. Their partnership was the stuff of fashion legend, producing some of the most jaw-dropping ensembles of the era. One standout piece was the fiery sequined fringe bodysuit, a look that epitomized Cher’s bold and daring style.

This iconic photo session look showcased Mackie’s exceptional talent for creating outfits that were both revealing and artistic. The bodysuit, with its strategically placed sequins and fringe, celebrated Cher’s figure while creating a sense of movement and drama that was perfect for the stage and camera alike.

Sheer and Feathers

Perhaps one of Cher’s most talked-about outfits was her 1974 Met Gala dress. This Bob Mackie creation was a pioneer of the “naked dress” trend, long before it became a red carpet staple. The gown, made of sheer fabric adorned with strategically placed feathers and crystals, left little to the imagination while still maintaining an air of high fashion.

This daring ensemble solidified Cher’s status as a fashion risk-taker and set the stage for future celebrities to push the boundaries of red carpet fashion. It’s a testament to Cher’s influence that this look, created nearly five decades ago, still feels relevant and shocking today.

Grammy Butterfly Look

At the 1974 Grammy Awards, Cher wowed audiences with another memorable Bob Mackie creation. This time, she donned a sheer white robe accessorized with dramatic butterfly-inspired elements. The winged accessories added a whimsical touch to the revealing gown, creating a look that was both ethereal and eye-catching.

This outfit perfectly encapsulated Cher’s ability to blend sexuality with artistry, creating looks that were provocative yet undeniably beautiful.

Suspenders and Crop Top

Not all of Cher’s iconic looks were elaborate gowns. She could make even the simplest outfits unforgettable, as evidenced by her suspenders and crop top ensemble. This look featured oversized suspenders paired with a midriff-baring top and accessorized with chunky gold hoops.

This outfit perfectly embodied ’70s style, combining several trends of the era into one cohesive look. It showcased Cher’s toned physique while still maintaining a casual, effortless vibe.

Teal Bejeweled Bodysuit

Another unforgettable Bob Mackie design was the teal bejeweled bodysuit. This piece, paired with metallic boots and complemented by Cher’s signature free-flowing curls, became instant Halloween costume inspiration for decades to come.

Oscar Golden Girl

At the 45th Academy Awards, Cher turned heads in a midriff-baring, gold-themed outfit that seemed to foreshadow her future Oscar win. This ensemble, which matched the golden Oscar statue, was a bold choice for the traditionally formal event.

The outfit consisted of a cropped top and low-slung skirt, connected by dazzling jeweled details. It was a look that only Cher could pull off, combining Hollywood glamour with her own unique style. Little did anyone know that this golden girl outfit would be a precursor to her Best Actress win for “Moonstruck” years later.

Peasant Blouse Casual

Cher could make even casual wear look chic. One of her quintessential ’70s looks featured a loose peasant blouse belted over leggings. This outfit captured the bohemian spirit of the era while still feeling uniquely Cher.

The peasant blouse, with its flowing sleeves and relaxed fit, was a stark contrast to some of her more revealing stage outfits. Yet, even in this more covered-up look, Cher exuded star quality. It was a reminder that her fashion influence extended beyond the stage and red carpet, inspiring everyday wear as well.

Dramatic Headdress

Long before her famous 1986 Oscars look, Cher was no stranger to dramatic headpieces. One particularly striking headdress she wore in the ’70s served as a precursor to that iconic moment. The elaborate accessory transformed a simple outfit into a showstopping ensemble.

This look demonstrated Cher’s understanding of the power of accessories. The headdress wasn’t just an add-on; it was the centerpiece of the entire outfit, elevating it from ordinary to extraordinary. It was this kind of bold accessorizing that would become a hallmark of Cher’s style.

Floral Two-Piece

Early in the decade, Cher embraced the remnants of ’60s fashion with a bold floral pant and tunic set. This outfit, complete with thick fringe bangs and striking eye makeup, showcased Cher’s ability to blend elements from different eras into her own unique style.

The vibrant floral print was a nod to the psychedelic patterns of the ’60s, while the cut of the outfit – a long tunic over wide-leg pants – was pure ’70s.

Casual Denim Look

Cher proved she could look just as stunning in casual wear as she did in her elaborate stage costumes. Her jeans and camisole combo became a go-to look, showcasing her versatility as a style icon. This laid-back outfit demonstrated that Cher’s fashion influence extended beyond glamorous gowns to everyday, wearable looks.

The simplicity of this outfit allowed Cher’s natural beauty to shine through. It was a reminder that sometimes, less is more – even for a star known for her over-the-top ensembles.

Knee-High Boots Ensemble

Another standout casual look featured Cher in a turtleneck and plaid shirt combo, paired with skinny pants tucked into knee-high leather boots. This outfit was the epitome of ’70s cool, blending several trends of the era into one cohesive look.

The mix of textures – from the soft knit of the turtleneck to the smooth leather of the boots – added depth to the outfit.

Cowboy Hat at Studio 54

Cher’s ability to blend different style influences was on full display when she appeared at Studio 54 sporting a cowboy hat. This country-inspired accessory, worn in the heart of the disco scene, showcased Cher’s knack for unexpected fashion choices.

The juxtaposition of the rural-themed hat in the urban, glitzy setting of Studio 54 was pure Cher.

Goddess Gown

One of Cher’s most breathtaking looks was a glittering white gown that earned her the nickname “Goddess of Pop.” This flowing, sparkling dress emphasized Cher’s statuesque figure and created an almost otherworldly effect.

The gown, with its form-fitting silhouette and shimmering fabric, transformed Cher into a modern-day goddess.

Bridal Fantasy Performance

During an appearance on The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour, Cher channeled bridal fantasy in a stunning ensemble. The outfit featured a jaw-dropping headpiece paired with a fitted column gown, creating a look that was part bride, part showgirl, and all Cher.

Romantic Floral Gown

In a departure from her usual revealing outfits, Cher occasionally embraced a more romantic style. One such look featured a corseted floral gown, accessorized with statement earrings. The outfit was completed with a surprising prop – the defining wicker chair of the era.

This softer look demonstrated Cher’s versatility as a style icon. The floral print and corset detailing created a feminine silhouette, while the statement earrings added a touch of Cher’s signature glamour.

Weekend Denim Style

Cher’s off-duty style was just as influential as her stage wear. A classic weekend look featured her in a nude tank top, accessorized with layers of gold jewelry and topped with a cowboy hat. The outfit was completed with an oversized bag, creating a look that was both casual and carefully curated.

This ensemble perfectly captured the laid-back luxury of ’70s California style. It proved that Cher could make even the most casual outfit look intentional and chic.

Red Halter Jumpsuit

One of Cher’s most eye-catching ensembles was a vibrant red halter jumpsuit. The outfit, which hugged every curve, was paired with a massive updo, creating a striking head-to-toe look.

The bold color choice and daring cut of the jumpsuit exemplified Cher’s fearless approach to fashion. The addition of the dramatic hairstyle elevated the look from merely sexy to truly unforgettable.

Graphic Tee at Home

Even in the comfort of her own home, Cher’s style was on point. One memorable casual look featured her in a graphic T-shirt paired with leggings and, surprisingly, socks with pumps. This outfit, photographed in her cozy living room setting, offered fans a glimpse into Cher’s off-stage style.

Mermaid-Inspired Look

In 1978, Cher donned an underwater-themed outfit that seemed to foreshadow her role in the 1990 movie “Mermaids.” This ensemble, with its aquatic-inspired details, showcased Cher’s playful side and her willingness to fully commit to a theme.

The mermaid-inspired look was more than just a costume; it was a full embodiment of a fantasy. It demonstrated Cher’s ability to use fashion as a form of storytelling, creating narratives through her clothing choices.

Newsboy Cap Appearance

In a departure from her usual glamorous style, Cher once appeared on a talk show sporting a more understated look. Her outfit featured a newsboy cap and braided hairstyle, creating a look that was both fashionable and relatable.

This outfit showed Cher’s ability to adapt her style to different settings. While still stylish, this look was more subdued than her typical fare, proving that Cher could command attention even without sequins and feathers.

Golden Fringe Naked Dress

Another classic Cher revealing look was her golden fringe “naked” dress. This barely-there outfit, complete with a matching headpiece, left little to the imagination while still maintaining an air of high fashion.

The strategic placement of the gold fringe created movement and sparkle, ensuring all eyes were on Cher.

Purple Puffer in Aspen

Even in cold weather, Cher found a way to make a fashion statement. During a trip to Aspen, she was spotted in a purple puffer jacket paired with a headband, creating a look that was both practical for the ski resort setting and undeniably stylish.

This outfit proved that Cher could make even the most functional clothing look fashionable. The bold color choice of the puffer jacket turned a basic winter staple into a standout piece.

Oversized Plaid Cape

In an outfit that would be instantly meme-worthy today, Cher once wore an oversized plaid cape that resembled a giant blanket. This bold choice showcased Cher’s willingness to push the boundaries of fashion and her ability to pull off even the most outlandish looks.

Heart-Covered Crop Top

Cher showed her softer side with a heart-patterned cropped top paired with red sequined pants. This Valentine’s Day-inspired look was playful and romantic, while still maintaining Cher’s signature sexiness.

The combination of the sweet heart print with the glam sequined pants was quintessential Cher – a blend of girly and edgy that few others could pull off so effortlessly.

Plaid Set with Platforms

Another standout casual look featured Cher in a matching plaid outfit paired with platform shoes. This ensemble, topped off with her signature long, straight hair, was ’70s fashion distilled into its purest form.

The matching set created a cohesive look, while the platform shoes added height and drama.

Red Ringmaster Ensemble

For a celebrity circus event, Cher donned a showstopping red ensemble complete with a feathered top hat. This ringmaster-inspired look was both playful and glamorous, perfectly suited for the whimsical occasion.

The bright red color and theatrical styling of the outfit ensured that all eyes were on Cher.

Orange Sequined Gown

One of Cher’s most dazzling red-carpet appearances featured her in a bright orange sequined gown. The vibrant color and all-over sparkle created a show-stopping effect, especially when contrasted with Sonny Bono’s more subdued pirate costume.

This gown exemplified Cher’s love of color and sparkle. The form-fitting silhouette and bold hue ensured that Cher stood out, even in a sea of Hollywood glamour.

Lavender Gown

Rounding out our list of iconic Cher outfits is a stunning lavender floor-length gown. This dress, with its flattering neckline and soft color, showcased a more subtle side of Cher’s style.

The gown’s color beautifully complemented Cher’s complexion, while the cut emphasized her long bob and bangs. It was a reminder that Cher could do elegant just as well as she could do outrageous.

In conclusion, Cher’s fashion choices throughout the ’70s were as varied as they were influential. From revealing stage costumes to chic casual wear, every outfit was a testament to her fearless approach to style. These 28 iconic looks not only defined an era but continue to inspire fashion lovers today, cementing Cher’s status as a true style icon.

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