90s Hip Hop Fashion for Women: 12 Outfits That Defined Street Style

The 1990s were the golden era of hip hop. Female artists like Missy Elliott, Lil Kim, Queen Latifah, and TLC were pushing boundaries and defining trends that still influence fashion today.

One of the most iconic elements of 90s style was the hip hop outfits worn by women in the industry. These looks embodied confidence, individuality, and authentic personal flair.

Women in 90s hip hop wore oversized layers, crop tops, baggy jeans, bold colors, and exuded attitude. Their outfits were creative, sexy, and always made a statement. From music videos to the streets, Black women shaped mainstream fashion in the 90s. Their style struck a delicate balance between masculine and feminine aesthetics.

Nearly 30 years later, we still find inspiration from the fly girls of the 1990s. Their daring looks and effortless cool defined an era. Keep reading for 12 outfits that encapsulate 90s hip hop fashion. And get ready for a walk down memory lane!

Da Brat’s Patriotic Layers

Da Brat's Patriotic Layers
(Photo by Vinnie Zuffante/Getty Images)

In March of 1997, Da Brat attended the 11th Soul Train Music Awards in an outfit that screamed her confident hip hop style. She wore an oversized red, white and blue jacket with matching loose blue pants by Enhale. Never one to shy away from bright colors or menswear pieces, this was quintessential 90s flavor.

Da Brat topped the patriotic layers with a matching blue and white headband that tied the look together flawlessly.

One of the first female rappers to achieve mainstream success in a male-dominated industry, Da Brat favored baggy pieces that didn’t cling to her curves. Her style centered confidence in every sense.

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Pepa’s Sultry Mini Dress

Pepa's Sultry Mini Dress
(Photo by Vinnie Zuffante/Getty Images)

As a member of the iconic duo Salt-N-Pepa, Sandra “Pepa” Denton pushed boundaries for women in hip hop. Along with group member Salt, she recorded their hit song “Push It” while scantily clad. Pepa’s style encapsulated sexy and daring both on and off stage.

In September 1994, she attended the premiere of ‘Jason’s Lyric’ in Los Angeles wearing a head-turning red and pink mini dress. The sleek sleeveless frock highlighted her curves to full effect.

No 90s hip hop outfit was complete without a pair of thigh-high boots. Pepa’s sheer black leather boots complemented the mini dress flawlessly. With this racy ensemble, she encapsulated provocative 90s fashion.

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Heather B’s Menswear Inspired Suit

Heather B's Menswear Inspired Suit
(Photo by Janette Beckman/Getty Images)

Heather B always towed the line between masculine and feminine perfectly. Her style regularly featured menswear pieces with unexpected sexy accents. She often wore suits, but Heather B styled them in a provocative manner.

This monochrome pinstripe suit from 1992 is baggy. But the silhouette still clings to her curves for a subtle yet sensual contrast. She paired the menswear outfit with a matching baggy bottom.

With this outfit, Heather B demonstrated her flair for balancing masculine and feminine energy seamlessly.

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Lil’ Kim’s Scene-Stealing Look

Lil' Kim's Scene-Stealing Look
(Photo by KMazur/WireImage)

No one dominated 90s hip hop fashion quite like Lil’ Kim. She constantly pushed boundaries with her provocative outfits. Kim regularly wore bright wigs, showcased skin, and oozed sexuality. When it came to bold looks, she was in a lane of her own.

In October 1999, Lil’ Kim attended the Net Aid charity concert in an outfit that encapsulated her essence. She wore a fluffy white tube top that showcased ample cleavage. On bottom, fitted black trousers highlighted her curves. Quintessential 90s layers like black gloves added texture.

But the pièce de résistance was her thigh-high white boots. These sequin boots with fur lining blew up the internet decades later. Though daring, Kim always styled looks to perfection.

With her bold hip hop fashion, Lil’ Kim set trends for decades to come. Her innovative style made a permanent mark on hip-hop culture. She paved the way for female artists to embrace sexuality through clothing.

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Queen Latifah’s Tomboy Chic

Queen Latifah's Tomboy Chic
(Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Inc)

Queen Latifah’s effortless style oscillated between masculine ease and tomboy-chic. Off stage, she often wore oversize tees, printed shirts, baggy jeans, and sneakers. These pieces allowed her to feel comfortable while looking cool.

In the 90s, she frequently paired t-shirts with loose light wash denim. At a gala for HBO’s Comic Relief, Latifah wore a white tee with printed text, cuffed baggy jeans, and combat sneakers.

Even dressed down, Queen Latifah’s outfits had enviable flair. With no need for glam extras, the rap legend influenced a generation of women to embrace their individuality. Her easy 90s style encompassed hip hop’s carefree aesthetic.

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MC Lyte’s Athletic Couture

MC Lyte's Athletic Couture
(Photo by Al Pereira/Getty Images/Michael Ochs Archives)

MC Lyte seamlessly blended feminine and sporty style as one of the most successful female rappers in history. Athletics wear with feminine accents were wardrobe staples in her 90s hip hop fashion repertoire.

In June 1991, she exemplified her signature sporty-chic aesthetic in New York City. Lyte wore a varsity jacket in shades of blue and white featuring striped sleeves and patches. On bottom, she rocked high-waisted white denim and blue Nike sneakers with a matching blue swoosh.

This monochrome outfit remains timeless decades later. With tomboy pieces, Lyte still exuded femininity and confidence. She often accessorized with gold jewelry and dark sunglasses. With her flair for athletic couture, MC Lyte influenced sporty street style in the 90s.

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Missy Elliott’s Eclectic Individual Style

Missy Elliott's Eclectic Individual Style
(Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Inc)

No artist has done it quite like Missy Elliott. She pioneered inflated trash bag outfits and bold mismatched prints. Missy brought striking originality to hip hop fashion. Her ingenious style has inspired creatives for decades.

At the 1997 MTV Europe Music Awards, Missy encapsulated her eclectic aesthetic with a red, white, and blue outfit. She wore a sleeveless jersey top in red and white with ‘SUPER’ boldly printed across the front in blue. On bottom, she rocked baggy bright red track pants.

White sneakers with red accents added sporty flavor. The outfit was accessorized with gold bracelets, rings, and hoop earrings. Her vibe was avant-garde and distinctly 90s.

Missy Elliott created imaginative hip hop fashion that broke every style boundary. She wore coats and dresses over tracksuits and sneakers for high fashion athleticism. Missy’s bold aesthetic forever changed the face of style.

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Eve’s Casual Glam

Eve's Casual Glam
(Photo by Harry Langdon/Getty Images)

Rapper Eve effortlessly blended masculine and feminine style codes. Her hip hop fashion staples encompassed baggy pants, fitted crop tops, and sneakers with feminine accents. In the 90s, Eve often color coordinated her tomboy outfits for a perfectly curated vibe.

At an event in 1992, she demonstrated her flair for casual glam. Eve wore fitted high-waisted red trousers and a matching red sleeveless top that showcased her midriff. For a flirty touch, she styled the set with open-toed red strappy heels.

The monochrome outfit popped against her brown skin tone. With red lipstick as the finishing touch, this coordinating look encapsulated 90s attitude and easy glamour.

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Foxy Brown’s Scene-Stealing Ensemble

Foxy Brown's Scene-Stealing Ensemble
(Photo by Ron GalellaRon Galella Collection via Getty Images)

Like mentor Lil’ Kim, Foxy Brown oozed sexuality and attitude with her salacious outfits. Her sartorial aesthetic regularly featured revealing dresses, plunging necklines, and faux fur coats. Foxy Brown knew exactly how showcase her assets.

In 1999, she attended a glitzy gala at the Whitney Museum in a show-stopping ensemble. Foxy Brown wore a tight-fitting dark mini dress with slim spaghetti straps. The revealing frock put her curves on full display. She contrasted the clingy dress with open-toed black strappy sandals.

No 90s hip hop outfit was complete without layers. Foxy Brown threw a large blue fur coat atop the risqué dress. For that era, faux fur outerwear added high fashion drama. Her confidence and sex appeal defined hip hop fashion for women.

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Lauryn Hill’s Easy Elegance

Lauryn Hill's Easy Elegance
(Photo by Jeff KravitzFilmMagic)

Lauryn Hill’s 90s style seamlessly blended masculinity with casual femininity. Her wardrobe regularly featured fitted tees and jeans in soft fabrics. These pieces allowed her to feel comfortable and stylish.

Her outfit for 1999 MTV VMA rehearsals demonstrated her flair for effortless cool. Lauryn wore a snug white long-sleeve tee tucked into dark straight leg jeans. The top featured a crew neckline to keep things demure while brown suede boots tied the look together.

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Roxanne Shante’s Oversized Layers

Roxanne Shante's Oversized Layers
(Photo by Al Pereira/GettyImages/Michael Ochs Archives)

Roxanne Shante pioneered female hip hop in the 80s and 90s. The Queens MC sported streetwise oversize pieces like baggy jeans, puffer coats, and graphic tees. Her urban style encompassed masculine staples with feminine accents.

While out in New York City in 1991, Roxanne wore an extra large dark denim jacket. She contrasted the masculine jacket with a tiny black crop top that showcased her midriff.

On bottom, Shante wore baggy light wash jeans. The silhouette was roomy, but her high waist highlight her curves subtly. She also rocked stack gold necklaces for that essential 90s hip hop jewelry. Roxanne Shante became an icon for cool casual hip hop style that blended hard and soft elements.

Busta Rhymes and Rah Digga’s Leather Duo

Busta Rhymes and Rah Digga's Leather Duo
(Photo by Ron Galella/Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images)

At the 1999 MTV VMAs, hip hop stars Busta Rhymes and Rah Digga walked the red carpet in matching outfits. Their head-to-toe leather looks complemented each other flawlessly. Cropped tops and mini skirts highlighted their personal styles.

Rah Digga wore a black leather bra top with a high neckline, paired with a coordinating pencil skirt. The sleek ensemble celebrated the female form. She added a cropped jacket on top for a grungy touch.

Busta Rhymes contrasted with a yellow leather crop top and matching pant. This duo encompassed 90s punk flavor blended with hip hop attitude. Their sexy looks made a bold red carpet statement.

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90s Hip Hop Style Will Forever Be Iconic

The pioneering women of 90s hip hop fashion will forever be icons. Their bold sense of style made an indelible impact on pop culture. From masculine ease to sultry dresses, their innovative outfits set trends for decades.

These 13 head-turning looks demonstrate the essence of 90s style. The era brought crop tops, baggy clothes, bold colors and patterns worn with unapologetic swagger. Musicians like Missy Elliot, Lil’ Kim and Lauryn Hill paved the way for fearless individuality. Their wardrobes continue inspiring our tastes today.

Which iconic hip hop outfit from the 90s speaks to you most? What elements would you incorporate into your current closet? Drop a comment below sharing your thoughts and fashion favorites.

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