20+ Chunky Loafers Outfit Ideas: How to Style the Must-Have Shoe Trend in 2024

Chunky loafers have taken the fashion world by storm. What started as a trend quickly became a wardrobe staple, with fashion icons like Hailey Bieber and Bella Hadid rocking the chunky loafers look.

As someone who just invested in my first pair of chunky Prada loafers, I was eager to figure out how to style them for all seasons.

After tons of research and trial-and-error, I’ve gathered my favorite chunky loafers outfit ideas to help you nail this shoe trend in 2024!

How to Style Chunky Loafers: Key Tips

Follow these guidelines when putting together chunky loafers outfit ideas:

  • Choose neutrals – Stick to black, brown, white, or tan loafers as your first pair. They’ll match everything already in your wardrobe. I wear my black Prada loafers constantly.
  • Balance proportions – Counter the bulkiness with straight leg or wide leg pants and avoid skinny jeans.
  • Play with textures – Try leather or satin pants, woven coats, chunky knits. This creates dimension.
  • Go monochromatic – Sticking to one color scheme helps loafers look more polished andintentional.
  • Add socks – Ankle socks lend a sporty, academic vibe.
  • Cuff pants and jeans – Cropping trouser hems at the ankle bone elongates your legs.

Follow these tips when putting together outfits with chunky loafers to look instantly stylish. Next, I’ll share lots of my favorite chunky loafer outfit ideas with specific clothing items and styling notes.

21 Chunky Loafers Outfit Ideas for 2024

1. Mom Jeans + Oversized Button-Down

  • Light wash mom jeans
  • White oversized button-down shirt
  • Black chunky loafers (or brown)
  • Leather belt
  • Neutral crossbody bag

An effortlessly cool casual outfit. The button-down shirt balances the chunky shoes. Cuff jeans to show off loafers.

Oversized white button down with light jeans and chunky black loafers

2. Leather Pants + Knit Turtleneck

  • Black leather pants
  • Grey chunky knit turtleneck
  • Black patent chunky loafers
  • Black crossbody bag

This monochromatic outfit is so sleek. The leather pants complement the shiny loafers perfectly.

Leather Pants, Knit Turtleneck and chunky black loafers

3. Blazer + Bike Shorts

  • Oversized black blazer
  • Black bike shorts
  • White tank or tee
  • Black loafers
  • Small shoulder bag

Bike shorts are trendy for 2024. The blazer adds polish and the white tank offsets the dark colors.

women wearing oversized black blazer, black bike shorts and chunky black loafers

4. Sweater Dress + Black Tights

  • Grey oversized sweater dress
  • Black tights
  • Black chunky loafers
  • Grey beanie

Such an easy cold weather outfit!

Sweater Dress + Black Tights

5. Slip Skirt + Turtleneck

  • Black slip skirt
  • Black or white turtleneck
  • Black chunky loafers
  • Black bag

This midi skirt outfit has a minimal vibe that lets the loafers stand out. Perfect for date night or events.

Slip Skirt + Turtleneck

6. Straight Leg Jeans + Striped Sweater

  • Light wash straight leg jeans
  • White and black striped sweater
  • Black chunky loafers
  • Circle crossbody bag

A casual weekend outfit with lots of contrast. Cuff the jeans to show off the loafers.

Straight Leg Jeans + Striped Sweater

7. Leather Shorts + Oversized Tee

  • Black leather shorts
  • White oversized tee
  • Black chunky loafers
  • Small black shoulder bag

This edgy outfit mixes feminine and masculine pieces. Sneakers and loafers paired together is a fun trend.

Leather Shorts + Oversized Tee

8. Slip Dress + Overcoat

  • Black slip dress
  • Tan oversized overcoat
  • Black chunky loafers
  • Black beret hat

Oversized outer layers like trench coats and overcoats complement chunky loafers. This is a chic winter date outfit.

Slip Dress + Overcoat

9. Plaid Pants + White Tank

  • Red plaid loose trousers
  • White ribbed tank
  • Black chunky loafers
  • Black crossbody bag

Make a statement by pairing printed pants with minimal black and white pieces.

10. Stirrup Leggings + Oversized Crewneck

  • Black stirrup leggings
  • Oversized grey crewneck sweater
  • Black chunky loafers
  • Black crossbody bag

Stirrup leggings are having a major moment and look so chic with loafers. Cozy and trendy.

Stirrup Leggings + Oversized Crewneck

11. Cargo Pants + Cropped Hoodie

  • Olive green cargo pants
  • Black cropped hoodie
  • Black chunky loafers
  • Black shoulder bag

Cargo pants complement the chunky lug sole loafers for an edgy, street style outfit.

Cargo Pants + Cropped Hoodie

12. Pleated Skirt + Turtleneck

  • Black pleated leather skirt
  • White ribbed turtleneck
  • Black patent chunky loafers
  • Black shoulder bag

This modern take on a school girl outfit takes loafers to the next level. So fun!

Pleated Skirt + Turtleneck

13. Wide Leg Jeans + Striped Top

  • Light wash wide leg jeans
  • Black and white horizontal striped tee
  • White chunky loafers
  • Woven tote bag

Wide leg denim provides balance with chunky loafers. This is a relaxed weekend outfit.

Wide Leg Jeans + Striped Top

14. Leather Trench Coat + Turtleneck

  • Oversized tan leather trench coat
  • Black turtleneck
  • Black chunky loafers
  • Black crossbody bag

Let your loafers peek out from an on-trend oversized leather trench.

15. Linen Pants + Knit Tank

  • Olive linen wide leg pants
  • White knit tank
  • Tan chunky loafers
  • Straw woven tote

A perfect spring and summer outfit! Light linen pants work nicely with chunky loafers.

Linen Pants + Knit Tank top

16. Slip Skirt + Hoodie

  • Black slip skirt
  • Oversized grey hoodie
  • Black chunky loafers

This dressy-casual outfit is so chic. The cropped hoodie balances the skirt and loafers.

Slip Skirt + Hoodie

17. Checkered Blazer + Bike Shorts

  • Checkered blazer
  • Black bike shorts
  • Black chunky loafers

A stylish combo: Checkered blazer with black bike shorts, and chunky black loafers, blending urban flair with comfort.

Checkered Blazer + Bike Shorts

18. High-Waisted Jeans + Striped Sweater

  • Medium wash high-waisted jeans
  • Red and white striped oversized sweater
  • White chunky loafers
  • Tan circular crossbody bag

High-rise jeans paired with a red-and-white striped sweater. White chunky loafers and a tan circular crossbody bag complete the look. Casual chic for any occasion.

19. Faux Leather Pants + White Tank

  • Black faux leather leggings
  • White ribbed tank top
  • Black chunky loafers

Sleek, shiny faux leather complements patent leather loafers. Add a moto jacket for extra edge.

Faux Leather Pants + White Tank

20. Maxi Dress + Ankle Boots

  • Black maxi slip dress
  • Black tights
  • Black chunky loafers
  • Grey beanie

A black maxi slip dress layered with black tights. Paired with chunky black loafers and a grey beanie for a trendy, versatile look.

21. Culottes + Turtleneck

  • Tan wide leg culottes
  • Black ribbed turtleneck
  • Black patent chunky loafers

Culottes are perfect for showing off your chunky loafers. Pair with tights and a turtleneck in colder months.

Culottes + Turtleneck


I hope these chunky loafers outfit ideas have inspired you! The key is choosing pieces that balance the chunky shape with looser silhouettes and masculine details like leather and menswear tailoring.

Chunky loafers elevate casual basics but can also be dressed up for cocktails and events. They work year-round too.

Next time you wear your chunky loafers, try cropped jeans, wide leg pants, knits, leather, trenches and other pieces that complement the shoes.

Let me know if you have any other chunky loafers outfit ideas in the comments below! I’d love to hear how you like to style this trendy shoe.

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