11 Maroon Pants Outfits Ideas for Men

I still remember the first time I wore maroon pants. It was for a friend’s wedding, and I decided to break out of my comfort zone of neutral colors like black, gray, and blue.

I paired the pants with a light blue button-down shirt, brown leather shoes, and a matching belt. While getting ready, I was a bit unsure about the bold look. But as soon as I put the full outfit on, I realized it looked fantastic!

I got so many compliments from guests at the wedding, which gave me the confidence to start incorporating more maroon into my wardrobe.

If you’re looking to upgrade your style, maroon pants are a great way to add a pop of color while still looking sharp. While they may seem challenging to pull off at first, there are plenty of easy ways to wear maroon pants for men.

Whether dressing up for work or going casual on the weekends, maroon goes with lots of colors and styles.

Which Colors Can Go With Maroon Pants?

Since maroon is a vibrant, eye-catching color, the best pairings are more muted, neutral tones. Stick to tops in colors like:

  • White
  • Black
  • Gray
  • Navy
  • Tan/khaki
  • Light blue
  • Olive green

These colors complement maroon without competing with it. They create combos that are both stylish and balanced. Other shades of red or burgundy can also work for a more tonal look.

In general, lighter colors tend to look better with maroon than darker hues. Avoid combining maroon pants with bright complementary colors like emerald green, which can be jarring. Neutrals and lighter tones allow the maroon to stand out.

How to Wear Maroon Pants: 11 Outfit Ideas

Here are 11 outfit ideas to inspire you to work maroon pants into your wardrobe:

1. Maroon Pants with a White Shirt

A crisp white button-down shirt is a foolproof pairing with maroon pants.

Maroon Pants with a White Shirt

It creates high contrast for a bold, eye-catching look. A white shirt with maroon pants is perfect for both casual and formal occasions. Dress it up with a blazer or belt, or go more relaxed with the shirt untucked. White shoes like leather sneakers or Derbys also complement the combo.

2. Maroon Pants with a Grey Shirt

For a more toned-down look, pair maroon pants with a grey shirt.

Maroon Pants with a Grey Shirt

A light heather grey tee creates an effortlessly stylish weekend look. Or try a grey Oxford button-down for the office. A grey jacket on top adds another layer.

3. Maroon Pants with a Black Turtleneck

When cold weather hits, a black turtleneck sweater is the ideal match for maroon pants.

Maroon Pants with a Black Turtleneck

It offers warmth while maintaining a polished appearance. To make it extra sharp, add a coordinating black jacket or overcoat on top.

4. Maroon Pants with a Black Shirt

Similarly, a black button-down shirt also complements maroon pants beautifully.

Maroon Pants with a Black Shirt

The dark pairing has an elegant, slightly edgy vibe. It’s perfect for date nights or special events. Finish it off with black leather shoes.

5. Maroon Pants with a White Blazer

Who says you can’t wear white after Labor Day? A crisp white blazer on top of maroon pants breaks all the rules in the best possible way.

Maroon Pants with a White Blazer

For an extra punch, add a colorful shirt or pocket square underneath. It’s eye-catching but still refined.

6. Maroon Pants with a Blue Shirt

Maroon and blue is an unexpected color combination that really works.

Maroon Pants with a Blue Shirt

Try a casual denim button-down shirt or dress it up with a tailored light blue Oxford. If you really want to coordinate, add blue accents like a tie or pocket square.

7. Maroon Pants with a Polo Shirt

Polo shirts offer an easy way to wear maroon pants casually.

Maroon Pants with a Polo Shirt

A fitted polo in a neutral color like white, gray, or black creates a sharp weekend look. Add white leather sneakers on bottom to finish it off.

8. Maroon Pants with a Denim Shirt

Lean into the casual vibe even more by pairing maroon pants with a denim shirt.

Maroon Pants with a Denim Shirt

Cuff the sleeves for a relaxed look. You can also wear the denim shirt open over a white tee. Add boots for a stylish approach to daytime activities.

9. Maroon Pants with a Green Shirt

Feeling bold? Make a serious style statement by matching maroon pants with a green shirt.

Maroon Pants with a Green Shirt

Forest green, olive, or even a mint shade can work. It’s an eye-catching color combo for parties and events. Finish the look with brown leather shoes.

10. Maroon Pants with a Black Blazer

Upgrade your maroon pants for the office by layering a black blazer on top.

Maroon Pants with a Black Blazer

The tailored black jacket gives the pants a more polished, professional look. Add a white shirt and simple black Derbys to complete the business casual outfit.

11. Maroon Pants with a Grey Blazer

Similarly, a grey blazer also dresses up maroon pants for workwear.

Maroon Pants with a Grey Blazer

It’s a bit lighter and more versatile than black. Pair it with a white or blue shirt, or layer it over a turtleneck sweater when it’s chilly.

Shoes, Accessories, and Fit Tips for Wearing Maroon Pants

  • Shoes: Brown leather shoes including Derbys, loafers, and boots pair well with maroon pants. Black shoes also work for a dressier vibe. White sneakers add a casual touch.
  • Belts & Accessories: Match your belt color to your shoes in brown or black leather. Add sunglasses, a watch, pocket square, or bag in neutral colors or shades like blue that pop against the maroon.
  • Fit: Aim for a slim, but not too skinny fit on the pants. Make sure to get the right length so they hit at the top of your shoes rather than pooling around them.
  • Tucking: Generally, shirts should be tucked in with maroon pants for a streamlined silhouette. But you can also wear them untucked with polos, henleys, and casual button-downs.


If you’ve been hesitant to try wearing maroon pants, hopefully this gives you lots of style inspiration to work them confidently into your wardrobe. From laidback weekend looks to smart business casual outfits, maroon goes with practically everything. And it offers an easy way to incorporate more color into your comfortable neutrals.

What’s your favorite way to wear maroon pants? Share your outfit ideas and tips in the comments! I’d love to hear how you style this versatile, stylish color.

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