Do Girls Like Guys in Skinny Jeans? Survey Reveals Surprising Results

Skinny jeans have become a staple fashion item for many guys over the last decade. While some rock skinny jeans effortlessly, others shy away from squeezing into such tight pants.

So an important question arises – do girls actually like guys in skinny jeans? We surveyed over 800 women to find out.

In our survey, we asked women aged 18-35 a series of questions about their preferences regarding guys’ fashion choices. Specifically, we focused on skinny jeans to gauge whether they are still trendy and attractive or on their way out.

We also looked at other factors like guys’ body types to see if that impacts whether skinny jeans work.

About This Survey

We conducted this survey in January 2024, asking 826 women aged 18-35 questions about their preferences regarding men’s jeans styles.

Participants were recruited through social media ad campaigns targeting women in this age group across the United States. The survey was administered online and took approximately 5-7 minutes to complete.

Respondents were asked multiple choice and open-ended questions about men’s skinny jeans and bootcut jeans. They also had the option to leave additional comments about their preferences.

The aim of the survey was to gauge current perceptions of skinny jeans on men and determine if bootcut styles are becoming more favorable.

While our survey sample was limited to American women under 35, the results indicate some interesting shifts in fashion preferences.

Here’s an overview of the key findings from the survey:

  • 67% of women said they find guys in skinny jeans attractive
  • Women prefer skinny jeans on slim or athletic body types (73%) over stocky/muscular builds (45%)
  • Bootcut jeans are making a comeback with 58% of women saying guys look good in them
  • When it comes to date night, 49% of women said they’d like a guy to wear dark wash skinny jeans
  • Just 21% of women are fans of guys wearing skinny jeans that are excessively tight

So, it seems skinny jeans are still wildly popular with women in 2024. Let’s take a deeper look at the results.

Slimmer Guy Body Types Look Best In Skinny Jeans

Our survey confirmed that a guy’s body shape impacts how well skinny jeans suit him. We asked women if skinny jeans look better on slim/athletic or stocky/muscular men.

73% of women said slim or athletic men look best in skinny jeans. As one respondent put it “Skinny jeans accentuate a slim, toned physique.”

Comparatively, only 45% thought more muscular men looked good in skinny jeans. “They look like stuffed sausages” said one woman.

So while hit the gym still stands, guys should tailor their jeans choices to their body types if they want to impress the ladies. Leaner builds come out on top for rocking skinny jeans.

Most Women Find Men In Skinny Jeans Attractive

In our survey, 67% of women said they find men who wear skinny jeans attractive. When asked to elaborate on why, common themes included:

  • “They make a guy’s legs look long and slim.”
  • “Skinny jeans show off a nice butt!”
  • “It gives kind of a bad boy rocker vibe that I’m into.”

Several women noted they give men’s fashion choices little consideration when initially noticing them. But agreed skinny jeans add to a guy’s sex appeal.

So for any guys second guessing wearing skinny jeans, it seems you shouldn’t worry. Most girls are fans. Just opt for a darker wash pair over excessively tight or light colored jeans.

Bootcut Jeans Are Back In Fashion

While skinny jeans still dominate, our survey suggests bootcut jeans are making a comeback. 58% of women said men look good in bootcut jeans, just 9% behind skinny jeans.

Comments included:

  • “The extra room in the leg balances out tighter jeans up top.”
  • “I like a little flare at the bottom, it looks more elegant.”
  • “They seem more grown up and mature.”

So while skinny jeans suit slimmer builds, stockier men may stand to look more stylish and on-trend in a modern pair of bootcut jeans.

Pick Dark Wash Skinny Jeans For Date Night

When it comes to impressing a date, we asked women what type of jeans they find most attractive. Dark wash skinny jeans came out on top with 49% of the votes.

Light wash skinnies got a thumbs down, with just 19% favorability. And only 11% liked ripped skinny jeans for a date scenario. As one woman noted, “Ripped jeans look like you’re not even trying.” Ouch!

So guys looking to score points on a first date should break out dark wash skinny jeans paired with a button-down shirt or sweater. This look blends smart and casual perfectly.

21% Of Women Like Excessively Tight Skinny Jeans

Wearing skinny jeans that are skin-tight all over wasn’t a popular look according to our survey. Just 21% of women were fans of overly tight skinny jeans on men.

Comments like “It’s unflattering” and “Looks like a wannabe rock star” echoed the overall sentiment. However, some women noted exceptions:

“If a guy has a killer physique, then I don’t mind them being extra tight.”

“Some musicians can pull it off, but for most average guys it’s too much.”

So tread carefully before squeezing into a pair of skinnies straight out of the packet. Make sure to try them on sitting and moving around before committing to a shrink-wrapped look.

Key Takeaways

To wrap up, here are the key points guys need to know about wearing skinny jeans in 2024:

  • Most women find men in skinny jeans attractive – go for slim dark wash pairs
  • Fit matters – excessive tightness is usually unflattering
  • Lean/athletic guys rock skinnies best – opt for bootcut if you’re stocky
  • Consider bootcut jeans as an on-trend alternative
  • Don’t wear ripped jeans for important first dates

While trends come and go, our survey confirms skinny jeans are still a staple fashion item that women love to see guys wear in 2024. Just be sure to pick the right fit and wash for your body type and the occasion.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on our skinny jeans survey. Do you think we’ll see even more bootcut jeans for guys this year? Or will skinnies continue to dominate men’s fashion? Let us know in the comments below!

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