How To Hide Fat Knees In Jeans? A Comprehensive Guide

Jeans are the staple of any wardrobe. Who doesn’t love slipping into a pair of comfy denim? But finding the perfect pair that fits just right can be tricky, especially if you’re trying to hide fat knees. I know the struggle – I’ve been there myself!

After years of trial and error, I’ve compiled this comprehensive guide on how to hide fat knees in jeans. I’ll cover everything from choosing the right styles and washes to accessories and styling tricks that draw attention away from the knees.

Read on for pro tips and advice to help you feel confident and fabulous in your favorite pair of jeans!

Understanding Different Body Types

Before we dive in, it’s important to note that all bodies are different. What flatters one body type may not work for another. The key is identifying your body shape and learning which silhouettes work best for you.

Are you pear-shaped with a defined waist and fuller hips/thighs? Or straight-figured without much curve? Once you understand your unique proportions, you can use styling tricks to enhance your shape.

Choosing the Right Jeans Fit & Style

When trying to minimize the look of fat knees, fit and style are everything. Here are some of the best options:

Opt for Flared or Wide-Leg Jeans

women wearing flared jeans

Jeans with a flare or wide-leg silhouette are extremely flattering for those with fuller knees.

The wider leg balances your proportions, drawing the eye down and creating a long, lean line. Flares and bootcuts are especially great at elongating your legs.

Try A Classic Straight Leg

Straight leg jeans

Straight leg jeans have a slim, straight silhouette from hip to ankle. This streamlined shape creates continuity down the leg, minimizing the focus on knees.

For curvy figures, look for a style with some stretch to gently skim over the legs.

Avoid Super Skinny Jeans

While skinny jeans are ubiquitous, they tend to cling to every curve of your legs, accentuating the knees. If you still want a fitted look, opt for slim jeans with some room through the thighs and knees or a subtle tapered leg.

Choose The Right Wash & Color

In addition to cut, the wash and color of your jeans can enhance your legs. Here’s how to pick the most flattering hues:

Go For Dark Washes

Rich indigo denim has a slimming effect and is universally flattering. The deep color helps disguise any imperfections or lumps and bumps. Dark washes make your legs appear longer and leaner.

Skip Light Washes

On the flip side, pale blue or white denim does the opposite, highlighting every curve and crevice. Light washes can make your legs look larger, so they’re not the best choice when trying to downplay your knees.

Find The Perfect Length

Jeans that hit at just the right spot on your leg can make all the difference. Here are ideal lengths to try:

Cropped Jeans

Cropped jeans that end just above the ankle are super flattering, allowing you to show a bit of skin while drawing attention away from the knees. Go for a cropped wide leg or skinny ankle jeans.

Full Length Jeans

Jeans that fall to just skim the floor create a long, lean silhouette, minimizing your knees. A slight heel or platform can prevent too much bunching at the bottom.

Experiment With Styling Tricks

Small styling tweaks can help camouflage knees for a smoother look. Try these tips:

Wear High-Waisted Jeans

Jeans that come up to your natural waist or just below your belly button provide ample coverage over the thigh and knee area for a streamlined shape. Look for a 10-12 inch rise.

Add Tops Or Tunics That Hit Mid-Thigh

Pairing longer tops or tunics with your jeans provides extra coverage right below the hips, disguising the knee zone. Flowy fabrics work best.

Belt It

Cinching jeans at the waist with a chic belt instantly draws eyes up, shifting focus from the knees. Go for a wide corset style belt or a colorful skinny option.

Choose Flattering Accessories

Accessories present another opportunity to divert attention upwards and highlight other parts of your look.

Heels Elongate Legs

A heel, even a low kitten heel, elongates the line of the leg, minimizing the look of knees. Pointed toes create even longer looking stems.

Statement Necklaces Draw The Eye Up

Long, ornate necklaces sit perfectly at mid-chest over a top or blouse. Their sparkle naturally attracts the eye upwards.

Add Ankle Boots For Coverage

Boots that end below or at the knee conceal more skin, blending seamlessly into jeans. Try a stacked heel ankle boot.

Find The Right Fabric For Comfort

While holding their shape, the best jeans contain a touch of stretch and flexibility. Look for:

  • Stretch denim with 1-2% spandex
  • jeans labeled “flex denim” or “comfort stretch”
  • Jeggings for ultimate stretch

The movement and give make jeans more comfy while also providing a smooth appearance over the knees.

Boost Your Confidence With Shapewear

Adding shapewear is a quick trick to instantly smooth bulges and bumps for a slimmer look.

Light Control Thigh Shapers

Thigh shapers extend from your midsection to upper thighs, smoothing everything in between. Wear them underneath your jeans.

Control Top Tights

Control top tights offer all over shaping. For summer, go for a sheer pair that still slims down under dresses and jeans.


Finding that perfect pair of jeans to flatter your unique figure is certainly achievable. With the right fit, style, wash and a few styling tricks, you can highlight your best assets and conceal areas like the knees.

Most importantly, embrace your body’s individual beauty. Jeans are simply a canvas to display your personal style. With the tips and guidelines above, you’ll have the knowledge to choose jeans that make you look great and feel confident and comfortable.

What are your favorite jeans that flatter your shape? Share in the comments below!

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