20 Leather Jacket Outfits to Look Stylish All Year Round

A leather jacket is a timeless wardrobe staple that instantly elevates any outfit. Like a trusty pair of jeans, leather jackets go with everything and add an effortless cool factor.

Whether you prefer a classic moto-style or an oversized bomber, leather jackets make excellent transitional pieces to take you from season to season.

I’ve compiled 20 chic leather jacket outfits to provide endless inspiration for integrating this iconic piece into your wardrobe. From casual weekend wear to date night attire, keep reading for fashionable ideas to suit every occasion.

1. Tonal Neutrals

Tonal Neutrals
credit: instagram.com/deirdre_phelan

Keep your look modern and monochromatic with a tonal neutrals leather jacket outfit. The lightweight white top and fitted jeans create a streamlined silhouette, beautifully balanced by the structured leather jacket.

Meanwhile, the darker ankle boots elegantly anchor the lighter pieces. With a petite black handbag finishing the look, this put-together outfit easily transitions from day to night.

2. Fiery Red Accent

Fiery Red Accent
credit: instagram.com/viaemmajang

Inject a flash of color into your leather jacket look with a vibrant red handbag. Against the neutral backdrop of black leather, trousers, and a top, it packs a powerful punch.

The pointed-toe shoes add polish while the relaxed-fit jacket lends just the right amount of edge. For an ensemble that’s simultaneously striking and sophisticated, take notes from this spice-infused outfit.

3. Studded Details

Studded Details
credit: instagram.com/rayahope

Why settle for ordinary when you can dial up the drama? This leather jacket outfit proves that the embellished life is the one for you. Turn heads with an attention-grabbing jacket decorated with edgy zippers and luxe studs.

Paired with ripped skinny jeans and a designer belt, it’s perfect for making an entrance wherever you go. Finish with fierce ankle boots in classic black, and strut your stuff!

4. Crisp Contrast

Crisp Contrast
credit: instagram.com/bysaher

If you thought leather jackets were only for fall and winter, it’s time to reconsider. This spring-ready look feels fresh with a snug white top and pristine white sneakers contrasting beautifully with cream pants and a black moto jacket.

The unfussy pieces let the striking color scheme take center stage. Carry a sleek black handbag to tie it all together for artistic flair.

5. Wild Side

Wild Side
credit: instagram.com/aria.instyles

Do you have an adventurous spirit? Showcase your inner rebel with a fiercely fabulous leather jacket outfit. A leopard print top paired with glossy cream trousers makes for a wildly glam combination. Allow the textured black leather jacket to rein in the look while still maintaining edge.

To perfectly balance the untamed ensemble, ground it with neutral cream heels and a refined black handbag. Roar with confidence in this one!

6. Monochrome Moment

Monochrome Moment
credit: instagram.com/monicagbulnes

Proving that color isn’t the only way to make a major fashion statement, this innovative leather jacket outfit sticks to a minimal black and white palette.

But it’s anything but basic! A cropped leather jacket tops an eye-catching contrasting mini skirt, while black combat boots nail that covetable model-off-duty vibe.

Just add a petite black clutch, and your contemporary look is good to go from gallery openings to girls’ night out.

7. Sexy LBD

Sexy LBD
credit: instagram.com/ali_willson

Fortimes when you want to turn up the heat, you can’t go wrong with the tried and true pairing of an LBD and leather jacket. This body-skimming cocktail dress guarantees all eyes will be on you the moment you walk in the room.

Layer on a fitted leather jacket, allowing it to nip in your waist. Then let your gorgeous gams shine in simple white sneakers. Sensational yet unfussy, it’s bound to be your new favorite date night uniform.

8. Sandy Shades

Sandy Shades
credit: instagram.com/hannahchelsiehudson

Yearning for adventure even when you can’t escape to the coast? Live out your tropical dreams with this horizon expanding leather jacket outfit.

A black cropped jacket tops off bronze high-waisted trousers and a black sleeveless top for a sun-kissed look. Pop in a woven black bag as your inflight carryall, and you’re ready for takeoff!

9. Graphic Impact

Graphic Impact
credit: instagram.com/celinegombeaud

If your personal aesthetic is more modern art museum than beach hut, turn to this graphic masterpiece leather jacket outfit. The striking striped dress boasts contemporary appeal, beautifully balanced by a smart black blazer.

To lend the arty ensemble some edge, ground it with chunky black loafers. Finally, finish with a museum-worthy black bag. Picasso would surely approve!

10. Dark Romance

Dark Romance
credit: instagram.com/rashiika_

Do you consider yourself a hopeless romantic cloaked under a gothic facade? Reveal your soft side in this darkly dreamy leather jacket outfit. An inky sheath dress and sheer tights lay the moody foundation, while the leather jacket provides a protective layer of armor with its slightly dangerous allure.

Pointed-toe ankle boots add witchy edge. Swoon-worthy yet strong, this look celebrates your nuanced nature.

11. Blue Beauty

Blue Beauty
credit: instagram.com/allblackvis

If black has been dominating your leather jacket outfits, switch gears with this brilliant blue option. While a pristine white top acts as a blank canvas, light wash baggy jeans make an artistic statement with their vivid pigment.

Anchor the eye-catching pieces with an open black leather jacket keeping the outfit contemporary. Finally, let white shoes pull the sun-kissed palette together into a captivating composition.

12. Punchy Prints

Punchy Prints
credit: instagram.com/karpenkoalina

Feeling fun and playful? Pep up your leather jacket look with vibrant prints and textures. An eye-catching mini dress splashed with oversized black polka dots acts as the focal point. Reign in the wild pattern with a classic black leather jacket while platform shoes in opposing prints ground the outfit.

Top it off with a petite black handbag for sophistication. Chaotic yet composed, this lively look sums up your colorful essence.

13. Sultry Knits

Sultry Knits
credit: instagram.com/teeniegeniestyle

Transition effortlessly from running errands to an impromptu date with this siren-esque leather jacket outfit. A ribbed white mini dress hugs your figure, pairing perfectly with an edgy moto jacket decorated with shiny zippers.

Ratchet up the temp with dangerous-looking heeled boots. With a small black bag in hand, you’re ready to steal hearts wherever the night takes you!

14. Winter Warrior

Winter Warrior
credit: instagram.com/misschangeychang

Frigid temps are no match for your fire when you suit up in this resilient leather jacket outfit! A ladylike ribbed dress and cozy leather jacket equip you for snow days in the city.

Lace up your armor aka chunky black boots, ideal for trudging through slush. With your trusty black handbag, icy conditions don’t stand a chance against your valor!

15. Olive Beauty

Olive Beauty
credit: instagram.com/rachelleea

Get a little taste of Italy with this effortlessly chic leather jacket outfit. An olive green palette brings a sense of the Mediterranean, even on the cloudiest of days.

A relaxed white tee and flowing ankle pants embody laidback elegance while a black leather jacket lends mystique. Finish with pristine sneakers and a refined black bag for la dolce vita wherever you may roam!

16. Chartreuse Dream

Chartreuse Dream
credit: instagram.com/viaemmajang

Surround yourself with the vitality and vigor of nature donning this lively leather jacket outfit. An electric chartreuse skirt guarantees all eyes fixate on you. Counterbalance the eye-catching hue with a subdued grey top.

Then ground the look with an iconic black leather jacket and dangerous knee-high boots that demand attention. With a petite black bag, this look is positively electric!

17. Sunny Citrus

Sunny Citrus
credit: instagram.com/willworkforfashion_

Brighten up any room you walk into wearing this radiant leather jacket outfit inspired by summer citrus. A vivid mustard dress makes spirits soar while a cool black biker jacket keeps the look grounded.

Flirty strappy sandals conjure carefree vacation vibes. Tote a vibrantly patterned bag for a pinch of punchy flair. Delightfully bright and beautiful, this look sums up your effervescent essence.

18. Timeless Elegance

Timeless Elegance
credit: instagram.com/charlottebuttrick

Exude refinement and grace all year long in this eternally chic leather jacket outfit. Let a flawless white dress take center stage, uninterrupted by distracting prints or colors. A black leather jacket adds a hint of edge while sheer black tights lend a touch of mystique.

Lace-up leather ankle boots pull together the elegant aesthetic. Clutch a no-fuss black bag and shine on, you sophisticated creature!

19. Casual Cool

Casual Cool
credit: instagram.com/racfashionx

Master the model-off-duty look with this effortlessly laidback leather jacket outfit. Your trustiest staples like a classic white tee, lived-in blue jeans, and crisp white sneakers lay the foundation of comfort and familiarity.

Throw on a black leather jacket to transform the everyday pieces into fashion-forward separates. Pop a cherry red bag in the mix for a playful twist. Approachable yet undeniably chic, this look has off-duty model written all over it!

20. Artsy Abstraction

Artsy Abstraction
credit: instagram.com/rebecca_dunleavy_

Add a stroke of artistic flair to your everyday attire with this creatively styled leather jacket outfit. An intriguing black and white dotted dress serves as your canvas while a cool leather jacket splashes on attitude like abstract paint.

Monochrome sneakers pull together the black and white scheme. Finally, ground the floated shapes with a petite black bag. Avant-garde yet completely wearable, this look turns the streets into your own innovative art show.

The Finishing Touches

With 20 chic leather jacket outfits at your disposal, you’ll stay looking fly no matter the season or occasion. As you revamp your wardrobe, don’t forget the power of accessories and shoes to take your look to the next level.

And if you’re craving even more inspiration, let me know in the comments which was your favorite ensemble.

Whatever your style, keep expressing yourself creatively! And be sure to follow me on Pinterest for more fashion motivation.

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