Who Makes Kirkland Jeans? The History of Kirkland Jeans

I still remember my first pair of Kirkland jeans. It was back in college when I was on a tight budget but needed some new pants. My roommate suggested we go to Costco and check out their Kirkland brand jeans.

I was skeptical at first, but when I tried them on, I was amazed at the quality and fit, especially considering the price! That began my loyalty to Kirkland that continues to this day.

Kirkland jeans have become my go-to pants over the years. They’re durable, comfortable, and affordable.

But despite sporting Kirkland jeans for years, I never knew much about their history and origins. Who makes these quality discounted jeans for Costco? What’s the story behind the Kirkland brand? I decided to do some digging to unravel the mystery.

What I Discovered About the Kirkland Brand

The Kirkland Signature brand was launched in 1992 and is named after the city of Kirkland, Washington where Costco has its headquarters. Costco introduced the brand to provide high-quality products at discounted prices compared to national brands.

Kirkland Headquarters

Kirkland creates these savings in a few key ways:

  • Leveraging bulk purchases: For products Costco stocks from major brands, Kirkland is able to negotiate lower prices by purchasing in massive bulk.
  • Private label products: Kirkland contracts with various manufacturers to produce products that are then branded with the Kirkland name. This eliminates advertising and marketing costs.
  • Limiting product selection: Whereas stores like Walmart may stock many product variations, Kirkland focuses on one or two options. This simplifies procurement and inventory management.

Over the years, Kirkland Signature has grown to include thousands of items like clothing, furniture, food, and household goods. It’s become a trusted brand delivering quality while saving shoppers money.

The Origin Story of Kirkland Jeans

So who manufactures the Kirkland jeans found in Costco stores? Here’s what I discovered about the origins of this Kirkland wardrobe staple:

Kirkland jeans used to be manufactured in the USA up until around 2010. But as production costs rose here, manufacturing shifted to factories in Mexico and South America to reduce expenses.

Specific information about factories making Kirkland clothing is not publicly disclosed by Costco. However, research indicates much of Costco’s apparel is produced in South America and South East Asia.

The jeans are likely contracted to garment manufacturers in countries like Mexico, Colombia, Vietnam, or Bangladesh where labor costs are considerably lower.

Jeans manufacturing

Though the location has changed, Kirkland maintains high standards for quality control. Suppliers are vetted to ensure they adhere to codes of conduct related to working conditions and environmental standards. Costco has inspectors on the ground checking for quality.

This allows them to produce jeans that rival brands like Levi’s and Wrangler at a fraction of the price.

The Signature Features of Kirkland Jeans

Part of the reason Kirkland jeans continue to earn rave reviews is their combination of great features shoppers look for in denim:

Premium materials – Kirkland jeans are made from high-quality, 100% cotton denim without cut-rate fillers that can reduce comfort and durability. The cotton is often sourced from the United States.

Reinforced seams – Key stress points like the inner thigh and seams feature reinforced stitching. This adds to the jeans’ ruggedness and longevity.

Comfortable fit – Available in relaxed and loose fits, Kirkland jeans offer room to move comfortably. The cotton also has stretch to enhance mobility.

Affordability – Priced at around $15 per pair, Kirkland jeans are budget-friendly while still being made from premium denim.

Flattering wash – A dark indigo wash and minimal fading provide a classic, versatile look.

Kirkland Jean Sizing and Selection

One appeal of Kirkland jeans is the range of sizes available beyond standard department store offerings:

  • Waist sizes from 28” up to 46”
  • Length options from 30” to 36” inseams
  • Relaxed fit and loose fit styles

Kirkland jeans come in blue and black denim washes. Costco also occasionally offers variations like carpenter and cargo styles.

For women, stretchy jeggings and skinny jeans are sold under the Kirkland brand. While selection is more limited than the men’s jeans, the same attention to quality and value applies.

Why Choose Kirkland Jeans?

Kirkland jeans continue to earn high marks from shoppers year after year. Based on my research into their origins and production, here are the biggest reasons I stick with Kirkland for my denim needs:

  • Proven durability – They stand up to years of wear and laundry. Kirkland jeans last as long as name brands that sell for 2-3 times as much.
  • Great fit – A relaxed fit through the seat and thighs makes them comfy for all-day wear.
  • Trusted quality – Costco ensures each item bearing the Kirkland name adheres to their high standards.
  • Budget-friendly price – At around $15 per pair, I can stock up on multiple colors affordably.
  • Easy to find – With wide availability at Costco warehouses and on Costco.com, they’re convenient to purchase.

While the origins of Kirkland jeans have evolved over the years, the value and quality remain unchanged. For me, Kirkland Signature jeans will continue to be my first stop when it’s time to freshen up my denim selection.

Share Your Kirkland Stories!

I’d love to hear about your experiences with Kirkland jeans and other Costco Kirkland Signature products. What keeps you coming back for more? Are there any products you would love to see them add under the Kirkland name? Let me know in the comments!

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