17 Wine Tasting Outfits to Elevate Your Look

I’ll admit, as a self-proclaimed wine lover, figuring out what to wear to a winery has always stressed me out a bit. I want to look stylish yet comfortable for a day of wine tasting, without worrying about spilling red wine on my white jeans.

After quite a bit of winery hopping and outfit planning, I’ve gathered every possible tip and trick to help you create the perfect wine tasting outfit, no matter the season or type of winery.

Read on for a complete guide on what to wear to a winery along with tons of chic wine tasting outfit ideas!

General Tips for Dressing for a Winery

Before diving into outfit ideas, keep these top winery outfit tips in mind:

Comfort Is Key

You’ll likely be on your feet all day long, standing while tasting wines, walking through the vineyards, or exploring wine caves. So comfort should be your top priority. Choose soft, breathable fabrics and shoes you can walk in all day long.

Watch the White

It can be risky to wear white or light colors when wine tasting. One splash from an overzealous swirl of your wine glass and your white jeans will have a big red stain. If you really want to wear white, stick to wine tastings at champagne houses. Or bring a stain remover like Wine Away just in case.

Wear Layers

Many wineries keep their buildings and tasting rooms cooler in temperature. So make sure to layer up, especially if your wine tasting involves trips down into wine cellars or caves. Bring a lightweight cardigan or denim jacket you can throw on if needed.

Pack a Crossbody Bag

You’ll need both hands free for eating, holding your wine glass, opening doors, taking photos, etc. So wear a crossbody bag or backpack to keep your essentials handy. Avoid handheld purses or clutches that take up one hand.

Don’t Wear Strong Perfumes

When tasting wine, you want to actually taste the wine. Strong perfumes and fragrances will overwhelm your senses. Let the wine aromas shine through and skip the perfume.

Things to Consider

When planning your wine tasting outfit, keep these key factors in mind:

  • The weather and temperature – Opt for breathable fabrics in summer, layers for cooler months
  • Style of the winery – Upscale spots may call for more formal attire
  • Purpose of your visit – A special event may require more dressy options

Considering the season, winery ambiance, and nature of the visit will help guide your outfit choices.

17 Chic Winery Outfit Ideas

1. Off-the-Shoulder Dress and White Sneakers

Off-the-Shoulder Dress and White Sneakers
credit: instagram/nicoleokada

Beat the heat in this light green off-the-shoulder dress that falls above the knee. The flirty off-the-shoulder neckline keeps things breezy on hot days while showing off a hint of skin. The light green color palette evokes freshness and vibrancy.

For shoes, white sneakers keep things ultra casual. Their sporty vibe contrasts nicely with the feminine dress. Sneakers are also comfortable for walking from winery to winery.

An orange handbag adds a cheerful pop of color, tying the whole look together. This bright, lively outfit will have you feeling as sunny as your surroundings.

2. White Lace Dress and Nude Sandals

White Lace Dress and Nude Sandals
credit: instagram/pinesandpalms3

Exude vintage charm in this gorgeous white eyelet lace dress. The thin spaghetti straps show off the shoulders while the flared, tiered skirt creates dreamy movement as you walk.

White lace gives off bridal vibes, making this dress intricately elegant. Yet the length and casual fabric still keep things relaxed enough for daytime.

For shoes, a pair of nude strappy sandals wrap elegantly around the ankles. Nude shoes elongate the legs, especially with the dress’s hemline hitting mid-calf.

A chain-strap crossbody bag polishes off the outfit with some metallic shine. This ensemble channels laid-back sophistication perfect for wine tasting.

3. Burgundy Long Sleeve Dress and Boots

Burgundy Long Sleeve Dress and Boots
credit: instagram/the_longweekender

Stay cozy on cooler days in a loose-fitting burgundy dress with long sleeves that ends above the knees. Burgundy is a classic wine shade, bringing rich depth to this look.

The loose, unstructured fit makes the dress supremely comfortable for walking and wine tasting. Long sleeves ensure warmth in case of a breeze.

For shoes, beige knee-high boots elongate the legs while providing even more coverage. Their neutral shade meshes well with the bold burgundy dress. This outfit’s blend of stylish yet practical makes it perfect for transitioning seasons.

4. Sleeveless Top, Skirt, and Light Brown Accessories

Sleeveless Top, Skirt, and Light Brown Accessories
credit: instagram/emilyflecke

Look stylish and practical in a breezy white sleeveless top and versatile brown skirt that hits mid-thigh. The white top brightens up the outfit while offering breathability on hot days. Feel free to spill during an enthusiastic tasting without worrying!

The brown skirt provides a neutral foundation that complements the white top. For shoes, knee-high light brown boots elongate the legs while projecting equestrian chic. They also protect the calves if things get a bit dusty.

A wide-brimmed light brown hat tops off the look with a glam touch while providing welcome shade. Both boots and hat match the brown skirt perfectly. This outfit balances style with function.

5. Orange Dress and Sandals

Orange Dress and Sandals
credit: instagram/aureate_soul

Welcome sunny days in a vibrant orange dress. The eye-catching orange hue mirrors the warm sunlight and vibrant surroundings.

For shoes, matching orange sandals complement this fresh, summery look. Their open-toed design keeps you cool on hot days. The color coordinating orange gives a put-together vibe. This cheerful ensemble embraces the feeling of fun in the sun.

6. Ruffled Pink Dress and White Heels

Ruffled Pink Dress and White Heels
credit: instagram/amanda_blanks

Embrace romantic charm with this stylish pink dress featuring an off-the-shoulder ruffled overlay and a flowing skirt that ends just below the knees. The soft pink color exudes feminine prettiness, perfect for feeling your best.

The flowing skirt sways with each step, contributing fluid movement. Complete the ensemble with white open-toed heels. Their timelessness acts as a neutral foundation for the pink dress to shine. The heels also elongate legs and lift your posture. This outfit brings playful sophistication perfect for winetasting.

7. Leopard Print Dress and Ankle Boots

Leopard Print Dress and Ankle Boots
credit: instagram/buddylovesgrayson

Unleash your wild side in a bold leopard print dress, long sleeves, and a side slit revealing tan ankle boots. Make a statement with the eye-catching leopard print, which commands attention.

The deep V-neckline complements the daring print by upping the wow factor. Balance is provided by long sleeves keeping you warm and cozy.

A side slit gives a peek at your shoes – tan ankle boots that complement the warm, earthy tones of the leopard print. Their shorter silhouette won’t weigh you down while walking. This fierce yet comfortable outfit announces your stylish arrival.

8. Oversized Plaid Coat, Turtleneck, and Boots

Oversized Plaid Coat, Turtleneck, and Boots
credit: instagram/carly_heasley

Stay snuggly in an oversized coat with bold plaid print. The roomy oversized fit layers comfortably over outfits when the weather gets brisk, while making a retro-chic style statement. Red and white plaid evokes cozy cabin vibes along with holiday nostalgia.

For lightweight warmth underneath, a turtleneck peeks out from the coat collar. Then finish with knee-high brown leather boots. Their rich brown pairs perfectly with the red plaid print.

A low block heel gives just enough lift without sacrificing walkability. This winter-ready ensemble will have you stylish and toasty all day long at the wineries.

9. Off-the-Shoulder Black Maxi Dress

Off-the-Shoulder Black Maxi Dress
credit: instagram/keepingupwithamm

Exude timeless elegance in a black, off-the-shoulder dress that sweeps the ground in a smooth, graceful silhouette. Universally flattering black complements any complexion while creating a streamlined look.

The off-the-shoulder neckline adds romantic allure, enhanced by the dress’s sweeping maxi length. Feel elegant swaying in the breeze between tastings.

Opt for minimal accessories to allow the dress to shine as the main event.

10. Light Blue Maxi Dress and Sandals

Light Blue Maxi Dress and Sandals
credit: instagram/nenaevans

Catch glances in this light blue, maxi dress with a cinched waist and ankle length flowy skirt. A lightweight fabric breathes easily while the light blue evokes cloudless skies. Feel like a Greek goddess in this ethereal number.

Open-toed flat sandals keep the outfit casual. Their minimal design puts all eyes on the ornate dress. Breezy and beautiful, this outfit shines at summer wineries.

11. Floral Print Dress and Black Boots

Floral Print Dress and Black Boots
credit: instagram/rachelmragland

Show off your style in a floral print dress with colorful flowers. The floral motif fits right in with the lush vineyards. Have fun twirling around to make the skirt flare out.

Then juxtapose the dress’s prettiness with matte black knee-high boots. Their edgy vibe balances out the ultra-feminine florals.

Boots also provide comfort and support for long days of walking. Complete with a white crossbody bag for added contrast.

12. White Blouse, Skirt, and Ankle Boots

White Blouse, Skirt, and Ankle Boots
credit: instagram/samiraradmehr

Balance casual and sophisticated elements in a textured cropped white sweater and sleek black ankle-length skirt. The white cropped sweater conveys lightness with its color and easy drape.

Maxi skirts sway with each step, creating fluid movement as you walk. Ankle boots ground the look with their shorter silhouette compared to tall boots. Pair with a small black handbag adorned with an intricate pattern or hardware. Contrasting textures and neutral colors allow each piece to stand out.

13. Green Trench Coat and Leggings

Green Trench Coat and Leggings
credit: instagram/styledbymandyjones

Stay polished and weather-ready in a jungle green trench coat with a belt cinched at the waist. The trench coat’s timeless silhouette always looks stylish. For leggings, opt for the dark color to let the vibrant coat shine.

Leggings move with you, providing comfort as you walk between tasting rooms. Complete the look with ankle heels. This ensemble blends function and style beautifully.

14. White Blouse, Distressed Jeans, and Ankle Boots

White Blouse, Distressed Jeans, and Ankle Boots
credit: instagram/tegan_614

Go for urban chic vibes in a breezy white blouse paired with black distressed jeans and beige ankle boots. A flowy white blouse conveys casual elegance with its lightweight fabric and relaxed fit. Feel comfortable sipping and strolling all day long.

Black distressed jeans edge up the look thanks to strategic placed rips. The distressed details nod to rugged Americana style.

For footwear, beige ankle boots complement the black jeans while providing neutral contrast to the white blouse. Top with a wide-brimmed black hat for a touch of Western flair.

15. White Button-Down Shirt, Matching Mini, and Pointed Heels

White Button-Down Shirt, Matching Shorts, and Pointed Heels
credit: instagram/victoria_phd

Emit refinement and poise in an oversized crisp white button-down shirt and matching mini dress.

Oversizing the shirt and tying it adds breathability for warm days while maintaining shape. Matching white mini keep the outfit streamlined and crisp.

Elevate with pointed-toe heels with ankle straps. The pointed toe elongates the legs while the studs and heels dress up the casual white pieces. This upscale yet comfortable look makes quite the style statement.

16. Pink Tiered Dress, Pointed Flats, and Clutch

Pink Tiered Dress, Pointed Flats, and Clutch
credit: instagram/victoriashchytkavets

Stand out from the crowd in a lively tiered dress in vibrant pink. The brightly colored pink immediately draws the eye and pairs perfectly with the season’s rose wines.

Pointed black flats balance the look with their sharp silhouette compared to the dress’s soft ruffles. Ankle straps give the shoes a wrapped, elegant look.

Carry a few essentials in an intricately embellished golden clutch. This fun, feminine outfit radiates confidence.

17. White Sleeveless Tiered Dress

White Sleeveless Tiered Dress
credit: instagram/wooitsmelody

Keep things light and breezy with this airy white sleeveless dress featuring a tiered design that hits right above the knees. A sleeveless white dress evokes summer and never goes out of style. The breezy tiered skirt sways beautifully as you walk, keeping you cool.

Paired with flat sandals, this minimalist dress goes with anything. Dress it up with wedges or heels and statement jewelry for an elevated look.

Wear a denim jacket on top if the temperature drops. This versatile white dress forms a blank canvas for accessorizing creatively.

Final Thoughts

With so many wineries to explore, mix and match these wine tasting outfit ideas for a wardrobe that’s stylish, practical and versatile enough for any tasting adventure. As you plan outfits, consider details like the weather, amount of walking, and the winery’s overall vibe.

An off-the-shoulder dress opens things up in sunny, laidback environments. Leather jackets, booties and rich earth tones pair perfectly with rustic wineries and countryside views. For historic vineyards, channel vintage glamour with lace details, midi skirts and retro silhouettes.

Most importantly, choose pieces that you feel amazing in. Confidence is always the best accessory. With the right ensemble, you’ll feel ready to relax, sip, and take in the full experience. Before you know it, you’ll have the perfect wine tasting outfit rotation to impress at any winery.

Enjoy exploring a world of flavors in these fashionable looks. Cheers to fabulous style on your next winery outing!

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