14 Varsity Jacket Outfits to Elevate Your Style Game

Varsity jackets are having a major fashion moment right now. These classic athletic jackets are being spotted on runways, in street style photos, and on the backs of stylish celebs.

The versatility of varsity jackets is what makes them such a versatile wardrobe staple. They can add a sporty, retro vibe to relaxed weekend outfits or be dressed up for a night out.

Varsity jackets work for any season too – lightweight cotton or linen versions are perfect for spring and summer, while wool and leather make cozy fall and winter options.

If you’re looking to hop on the varsity jacket trend, you’ve come to the right place! I’ve rounded up 14 chic varsity jacket outfit ideas to inspire your styling sessions. From casual daytime looks to Friday night date night ensembles, keep reading for varsity jacket outfit inspo!

1. Varsity Jacket with Skirt and Boots

Varsity Jacket with Skirt and Boots
credit: instagram.com/nizinanjjang

The varsity jacket is already a statement piece, so I kept the rest of this outfit simple and neutral. A beige bucket hat, pencil skirt, and thigh-high boots allow the multi-colored varsity jacket to take center stage.

This varsity jacket outfit has a retro, ’60s mod vibe that would be perfect for weekend brunch or running errands. The pops of color from the jacket brighten up the neutral pieces.

2. Varsity Jacket with Cropped Top and Jeans

Varsity Jacket with Cropped Top and Jeans
credit: instagram.com/marthaeelman

For a casual daytime varsity jacket look, pair the iconic jacket with basic staples like a cropped tee, jeans, and chunky boots.

The black and gold color combo gives off sporty vibes, while the crop top and jeans make this a relaxed, weekend-ready outfit. It’s an effortlessly stylish look for grabbing coffee, seeing friends, or exploring the city.

3. Varsity Jacket with Patterned Jeans

Varsity Jacket with Patterned Jeans
credit: instagram.com/qckikicutie

Make your varsity jacket the colorful focal point by pairing it with patterned denim on bottom.

The light denim and blue sneakers complement the colors in the varsity jacket. This fun, casual outfit would be great for a music festival or spending a day shopping downtown.

4. Dark Varsity Jacket with Cropped Top and Shorts

Dark Varsity Jacket with Cropped Top and Shorts
credit: instagram.com/_pixyy

For a night out look, style a darker-toned varsity jacket with dressier pieces like a cropped shirt and shorts.

The monochrome white top and bottoms keep the outfit streamlined and chic. The dark varsity jacket makes this casual outfit perfect for hitting the clubs or going on a date night.

5. Black and White Varsity Jacket

Black and White Varsity Jacket
credit: instagram.com/rakshajangid_

You can’t go wrong with a classic black and white color combo. This varsity jacket outfit is perfect for running weekend errands while still looking stylish.

The black and white palette gives off sporty, athletic vibes. This is an effortless weekend look that you can throw on to feel put together, even if you’re just grocery shopping or meeting friends for brunch.

6. Red Sleeves Varsity Jacket

Red Sleeves Varsity Jacket
credit: instagram.com/briaxa_

Make your varsity jacket pop by choosing one with a bright accent color like red. The bold sleeves add a fun flair to this otherwise neutral outfit.

Let the vibrant sleeves speak for themselves by keeping the rest of your look minimal. This varsity jacket outfit works for both day and night – just swap out heels for the sneakers if you’re going out after dark.

7. Casual Varsity Jacket Look

Casual Varsity Jacket Look
credit: instagram.com/soundofpayal

For a relaxed daytime outfit, pair your varsity jacket with laidback staples like a t-shirt, jeans, and handbag.

The relaxed wide-leg jeans and neutral top bring out the varsity jacket as the star of this outfit. It’s a perfect look for running errands or meeting up with friends. Carry your essentials in a small black handbag.

8. Varsity Jacket Travel Outfit

Varsity Jacket Travel Outfit
credit: instagram.com/kawaiishopbangladeshofficial

Varsity jackets aren’t just for going out – they also make comfortable travel outfits. Pair yours with sweats and sneakers for an airplane look that doesn’t compromise style.

This athleisure-inspired outfit is both cozy and cute. The varsity jacket dresses up otherwise plain sweats. It’s a perfect travel outfit for long flights or road trips.

9. Patterned Varsity Jacket

Patterned Varsity Jacket
credit: instagram.com/thaomymignon

Have fun with your varsity jacket by choosing one with a bold pattern or cool patches. Let it be the statement piece and keep the rest of your look neutral.

The patterned varsity jacket grabs attention, so plain brown pants and white sneakers balance it out. This fun varsity jacket outfit is great for showing off your personal style.

10. Varsity Jacket Date Night

Varsity Jacket Date Night
credit: instagram.com/b3boutique

For an evening out, pair your varsity jacket with an all-black outfit. The varsity jacket injects color while the black ensemble keeps things sophisticated.

This sexy outfit is edgy for a night out at the club or bar. The varsity jacket gives the all-black look a sporty twist. Add heels for a dressier vibe.

11. Leather Sleeves Varsity Jacket

Leather Sleeves Varsity Jacket
credit: instagram.com/styledfloridian

Choose a varsity jacket with leather sleeves to give this sporty staple a dose of edge. It’s perfect for a night out or date night.

The leather sleeves varsity jacket instantly dresses up the flirty animal print mini. Tall black boots complete this night-out outfit. It’s fashionable but comfortable enough to dance in!

12. Blue Varsity Jacket Look

Blue Varsity Jacket Look
credit: instagram.com/minenabeauty

For a casual daytime outfit, pair a colorful varsity jacket with neutral staples like a crop top and mini skirt.

The dark crop and mini skirt balance out the bright varsity jacket. White sneakers keep this look casual enough for daytime. Switch to heels at night for a dressier vibe.

13. Varsity Jacket with Sweatpants

Varsity Jacket with Sweatpants
credit: instagram.com/nyahjoi

Elevate your weekend loungewear by adding a varsity jacket on top. This outfit is sporty-chic.

The varsity jacket instantly dresses up sweatpants without compromising comfort, making this outfit perfect for travel days or lazy Sundays. The light sneakers add a subtle pop of color.

14. Black Varsity Jacket for Night Out

Black Varsity Jacket for Night Out
credit: instagram.com/sophiegreene__

Close out this varsity jacket outfit roundup with another evening look. The black varsity jacket looks sexy and sophisticated paired with a legging.

This all-black outfit with a varsity jacket twist is perfect for a night out dancing or bar hopping. The handbag adds a touch of glam and keeps your essentials close.

There you have it – 14 chic ways to wear varsity jackets for any occasion! From dresses and jeans to sweats and minis, varsity jackets work with just about anything.

Let me know in the comments if you have any other creative varsity jacket outfit ideas! And don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest for more daily outfit inspiration.

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